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I’d like to start you on a profound journey to true health & balance through self discovery of your natural state, how I do this is by utilizing the wisdom of ‘unified’ mind/focus, body/movement & breath/correct breathing given to me this past 16 years by my teacher Master Zhen Hua Yang whom I was fortunate enough to find @ 22 years of age.

My journey started with learning the Yang Mian System, a secretive family Gong Fu system with skills rooted in the Wudang Mountains & Shaolin Temples of China, a method which utilized the best of Traditional Eastern Arts to forge a very powerful development tool of mind, body & spirit.

After about 10 Years of dedicated training my Teacher finally introduced a project he worked on with other Yoga Masters & created what is now known as the Calligraphy Health System, basically this was ancient Yoga & Qigong movements & knowledge used to create a modern, direct & simplified health system to restore ‘ The Natural State ’ of our human condition.

6 years into Calligraphy Health practice & I have now reached incredible results within myself plus a deep understanding and overview of the process I’ve undergone to truly restore mind, body & spirit to its Natural state, injuries, pains ~ emotional, physical & mental have melted away, physical weaknesses are now strengths, peace, comfort, tranquility, confidence & health now have a home within my being where once illness, aches, pains, negative mind & emotional states adversely impacted my health.

In Master Yang’s own words “The highest level of living is with no sickness, no pain and passing away naturally.”

Recently my teacher has told me its time to now share what I have discovered as much as I possibly can 7 to start with as many people as possible right here on the Gold Coast

So here is what I can offer you.

Calligraphy Qigong

The Qigong Component in addition with movements & principles of the Yang Mian System which have been my focus & now expertise is what I will be sharing with you. These movement principles which are movement of mind, body & spirit which when trained correctly & under my guidance will alleviate aches & pains naturally, increase range of movement, improve balance and oxygenation of blood cells, increase length & strength of tendons & ligaments, increase blood circulation through entire body including your brain in a safe & gentle way which causes ‘ all ‘ types of tensions to literally melt away plus help prevent health issues from forming, restores mobility & maximal range of physical movements and functions possible for you. Improves internal organ functions due to the nature and 3D driving force of the movement.

In Master Yangs words ~

Human health relies on 3 types of circulation

1. Blood circulation which via the Calligraphy Health method increases vascular movement in and around the body’s muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons.

2. Digestive Circulation – By utilizing the abdominal area as a power source, Calligraphy Health movements help to maintain the elasticity of the bowel and intestines. Not only is elasticity maintained but good blood circulation and movement through this area is instrumental in the maintenance of human health.

3. Mental/Nervous System Circulation – By increasing the efficiency of blood circulation, we get more blood and oxygen to the brain, with the obvious result being increased brain function and clarity in mental signaling.

Also, through the training of multiple 3D movements (e.g. manipulating 3 – 4 spherical planes of movement at one time in one motion) an athlete’s co-ordination and function are greatly challenged. It’s during this process that fresh, oxygen laden blood flows through the brain. The Principle & Key

Dan Tien Breathing ~ An ancient technique used by Daoist masters for cultivating Health, Harmony & Longevity.

Stage 1 you will learn how to do this unique technique which is an essential building block for superior movement whether it be for Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga, Dance, high level athletics or simply your own health regime.

Dan Tien breathing also Known as Longevity or Natural breathing is responsible for transforming tension into relaxation relieving stress & anxiety. This is the principle tool which moves & massages internal organs plus it is the first step to energy cultivation & transformation for Healing Yourself & others powerfully.

Stage 2 deals with linking the breath work to flowing Qigong movement where you will learn to release physical/mental/emotional tension allowing your nervous & circulatory system a chance to fire up & deliver to you a greater & more functional body inside & out.

Stage 3 engages internal organ movements And by now you will have a good understanding of how your bio magnetic field works and be able to use it effectively and without consequence to heal yourself and others.

Beginner to Expert, you will all gain valuable tools for your journey of healing & connection to your Body & it’s Functions through the Calligraphy Health Methods I will guide you through.

What can you expect after/during class

1. Warm, hot body/hands and feet

2. Tingling/pins & needles in hands & feet

3. A sense of peaceful happiness

4. Magnetic sensation around hands or more body parts

5. Leave class feeling Grounded

This list is the expected outcome from each class, however results will vary according to you for the first few months.

The Yang Mian System  – Description via Master Zhen Hua Yang 

The Yang Mian™ System is a unique internal martial arts system that develops internal energy through natural movement. This is then expressed, combatively, in a living, three-dimensional way. It teaches to store, cultivate, produce and utilise this internal energy which is unlimited in its application. It can be applied in the martial arts, manifesting externally as instant explosive power, speed, power transfer and Fa-jing. Likewise it can be used internally, manifesting as health, healing, vitality and longevity.

The foundations of the Yang Mian system are commenced in the cultivation of “base power”. This is power you can hear, see and feel. Anyone standing within 50m of you will hear this power and is similar to a bomb going off. This is also known as instant fa-jing. The longer this is practiced; the louder the sound becomes, and the more explosive and stronger your power is generated. This power can be built up quickly (within 12 months) and once you have this, it stays with you for the rest of your life. This is because the training has been programmed into your ‘cell’s memory’ or DNA blueprint.

This internal, instant Fa-jing is the fuel of martial arts and a key factor that is missed by most external martial systems. This is the martial arts highest level; where the practitioner can control explosive power, at will, into any action. This is not the same as physical strength, which can never be ‘owned’ and diminishes with age. Yang Mian is an expert in teaching this explosive base power method. We guarantee this result through correct training through a certified instructor.

Once base power has been established, Yang Mian starts developing linked movement. These movements are very quick; flowing in a soft, unbroken manner (the same philosophy as unbroken Chinese calligraphy writing) and finding their way, through an opponent, like water flowing down a hillside. The driving force, or engine, behind the strikes and flowing movements is the Dantian or ‘Action Mind’ energy centre of the body. Over time, the training manifests in what is known as ‘reflex mind’, which is a precursor to the much coveted ’empty mind’.

The Yang Mian System transforms the body, making it ‘rubber-like’. Combining this physiological state with base power allows for instant power transfer into any target. This penetrates internally, like a hammer driving a nail into a piece of wood. The training develops the ability of the body to both deliver and absorb great shocks and heavy blows without injury to itself. Moreover, its healing potential is amazing and rejuvenates the body’s joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles through improved blood and oxygen circulation.

The Yang Mian System has no age, body shape/weight, or gender limitations. This is because once internal energy has been cultivated your power will be strong and dangerous, regardless of those conditions. Our training can be tailored to meet your needs. Moreover, movements are all economical, effective and have multiple uses. Additionally they;

  1. Can be practiced alone
  2. Require no equipment
  3. Require no gymnasiums
  4. Increase bodily tolerance to impact
  5. Improve explosive momentum
  6. Increase well-being
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Location Class, private sessions and Workshops are held on the Gold Coast. Please contact me for details Phone 0447 220 881 E-mail adiyangmian@gmail.com Hours A weekly Class runs in Coomera 7-8pm, Tuesday nights. more sessions coming soon and privates by arrangement
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